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Businesses that Lease Retail Space:

Grocery Stores
Convenience Stores
Clothing Stores
Furniture Shops
Home Improvement Stores
Jewelry Shops
Barber Shops
Nail Salons

Insurance Offices 
Real Estate Offices
Auto Dealerships
Tire Shops
Auto Repair Shops
Motorcycle Dealerships 
Boat Dealerships

CBD Stores
Medical Offices

Alex Stele: Your Partner for
Hot Leasing opportunities in Southwest Florida.

Looking for and negotiating a lease for your retail operations in our word can be – painful! I take the pain away from both!

Don’t settle for just any location; oh no, I go the extra mile to secure you the hottest spot in Manatee, Pinellas, Sarasota, and Hillsborough counties.

When it comes to lease or lease renewal contracts, no one will fight harder for you to get the lease terms and conditions you need to operate your successful retail operation.

I am a proven negotiator with a excellent track record. With years of experience my approach is unique, proven, and effective.

I’ll get you in the door quickly, with the best terms possible. So, if you’re ready to take your business to the next level, you know who to call – me, Alex Stele I am ALWAYS available to you 24/7.

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What I do

Finding and securing the best space to Lease to meet YOUR business goals!

Lease or Lease Renewal Negotiations

Cutting Edge information on Local Real Estate Markets, Demographics, and Employment Data

Helping you to adapt to changes: Relocation, Expansion, and Subleasing

Lease vs Ownership, Location, and Space Feasibility Analysis

MY goal is to make sure your real estate transactions fit perfectly with your business plans, financial goals, and daily operations. I am here to help you:

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Location is Key for Building Brand Relationships! Regardless of whether your space requirements involve a single local venue, numerous locations nationwide, or a global cross border expansion, I am here to assist you.

I simplify retail leasing and guide you towards your next business phase. I assess your situation and goals to ensure each location supports your objectives.

My approach involves analyzing the market, understanding customer preferences, and maximizing your locations potential.

Type of Leases – Triple Net,
Modified Gross, and Gross leases

  • Triple Net, is when the tenant is responsible not only for paying base rent, but also has to pay for real estate taxes, building insurance, and maintenance expenses associated with their space.
  • In a Modified Gross lease, the tenant pays the base rent and some maintenance expenses and/or some other components of a Triple Net lease.
  • A Gross Lease is when the tenant pays only base rent and does not have to worry about any maintenance expenses, real estate taxes, and building insurance associated with their space.

Logically, Triple Net leases favor the landlord, where Gross Leases favor the tenant, and Modified Gross Leases are somewhere in the middle. It is important to understand that each lease is different and the terms are not identical. This means that one Triple Net or Modified Gross Lease could have different conditions compared to other Triple Net or Modified Gross Leases.

“…the amount of available retail space has contracted to its lowest level on record.”

CoStar Analytics

“But as it turns out, people still like shopping in stores.”

Business Observer

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